Thanks to the synergies of our team, we make Helping Ballers what it is

Women’s agent

David Manzano

Women’s agent
+34 669 307 009 | david@helpingballers.com

David is the person in charge of the women’s part of the agency and also of the Scouting part of it. He has been coaching teams for 20 years in all the women’s basketball stages. Graduated in Primary Education (PE Specialist), he combine teaching with profesional women players.

Men’s Agent

Roi Rodríguez

Men’s Agent (Players contact)
+34 610 673 277 | roi@helpingballers.com

Roi actúa como agente masculino y es el responsable del área de Scouting de la agencia. Después de varios años trabajando en el Club Ourense Baloncesto (LEB Oro España) da el salto al mundo de la representación, donde destaca en la captura de talentos y en sus detallados análisis de los jugadores. Máster en Gestión Empresarial del Deporte por la Universidad de Vigo, es un experto en estadística avanzada, uno de los puntos fuertes de la agencia.



We will guide you in your career towards success, whether you have experience or are a new player.



We advise clubs and other entities to design their templates.



We are liaison between clubs and players in signings, assignments or transfers.

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We strive to impose our clients’ sports careers as if they were our own.

What is Helping Ballers?

Helping ballers is a representation and advice agency for basketball players. We are dedicated to advise our clients to help them make the best decisions in their sports career. In addition, we also act as your representatives to clubs that want to obtain their services. We are located in Ourense, Spain, but our geographic scope is very wide, covering the main countries with competitive level of several continents. We focus on the player, putting his interests and benefits first and always thinking about giving value to his career.

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What are our goals?

At Helping Ballers we want to be a worldwide reference agency. We want to position ourselves as one of the most and best valued agencies by our clients and be an example of professionalism and hard work.



We want to help you make your path lead you to achieve the most ambitious goals

We believe in values. We consider them the most important in order to gain the confidence of players, clubs, coaches and other people related to our sport. We believe in honesty, in honesty. We are realistic, both with our clients and with the clubs we work with. We believe in fellowship. Players and clubs need each other and we want to be that bond of union. We believe in perseverance and work. We know that working hard can achieve even the most difficult goals, so if your goal is that same we invite you to be part of the Helping Ballers family.




Meet those who already leave their careers in our hands.


Here you can find all the players who already trust us. They all have a report of their situation made by Helping Ballers. In addition to, segment them by their game position, nationality, height or gender.