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Undersized Colombian inside (1.98m) who has just finished his NCAA adventure with Angelo State University standing out as one of the best insiders in the American second division university. Thus, the Colombian player has averaged more than 14 points and 10 rebounds in 28 minutes on average per game, adding the third best percentage of field goals in the entire league (68.4% FG), the best offensive rebound average (7.8 every 40′) and finishing the course as the best senior player in total rebounds (14.7 every 40′), as well as seventh in points (20.2 every 40′). At Angelo State, Ibargüen came from Texas-Arlington (NCAA D1), University with which the Colombian player stood out greatly in his first year NCAA averaging 7 points, 7 rebounds and 1 assist in almost 24 minutes on average per game, ending the course as the 7th best junior player in offensive rebounds in the league (5.1 every 40′) and the 15th best in percentage of field goals (61.6%). His two previous years at Trinity Valley CC Junior College were also very prominent, and only a NCAA ineligibility problem stemming from his age prevented him from continuing in Texas-Arlington (NCAA D1), being relegated to the NCAA Second Division in his senior year, where although Ibargüen had to lower his level, he managed to increase the physical mastery shown the previous year.


In his style, Ibargüen stands out for his tremendous lower train, on which he bases all his strength and physical capacity, without a doubt, his most defining features as a player. Inside, he becomes enormous, and in offense, he gains the position to finish after a “kicked” ball, in situations of P&R and, especially, after an off rebound, where he excels greatly taking advantage of the second options to add for his teams. He goes a lot to the free throw line, highlighting his figures this year senior at Angelo State (more than 7 TL every 40′, 65% success). Increasingly, he has taken more range to shoot in the middle distance and, in the collision, absorbs the contacts to produce advantages for his teams in screens, lateral movements and moving screens. In defense, Ibargüen makes equal use of his physical ability to move his rivals away from the ring, to which should be added an interesting ability to grow up and defend rivals who are bigger than him. He is an outstanding defender on a low post and an excellent rebounder, to which he adds an interesting capacity for the block in helps (1.4 every 40’ in NCAA D1).

20-21CAFETEROSCOLOMBIA LPB10,39,31,32655,3%71,4%0,60,9
COLOMBIAFIBA AMERICUP9,06,50,02387,5%57,1%0,51,0
YOAST UNITEDHOLLAND DBL13,19,40,82870,2%0,0%78,7%0,81,0
19-20ANGELO STATENCAA D214,210,30,52868,9%0,0%65,0%0,70,5
18-19TEXAS ARLINGTONNCAA6,66,70,62462,2%0,0%58,2%0,50,7
17-18TRINITY VALLEY CCJUCO10,410,60,766,8%0,0%64,4%0,40,5
16-17TRINITY VALLEY CCJUCO10,38,20,675,9%0,0%62,2%0,70,4
2016COLOMBIAS. AMERICAN CHAMPIONSHIP4,62,40,61462,5%0,0%42,9%0,00,2

ST= steals / BL= blocks (If you don’t see the full table, swipe sideways)