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Center from Granada (Cotonou), 2.01 meters tall and extremely athletic, who has played his rookie season with Esgueira Basket in the Portuguese first division, standing out as one of the best inside players in the Portuguese league. Formed in his country until 2015, he took his first steps in the United States at the Junior College of Western Oklahoma State and Gillette College, standing out in the latter, which allowed him to reach Nicholls State University (NCAA D1), where he disputed his last two college years, growing every day until averaging in the 2018/19 season 6.2 points, 5 rebounds and 1.6 blocks in just 17 minutes on average per game. This latent potential led the Caribbean player to sign in Esgueira. Regis is one of the most outstanding players in the competition. Placed in the top-10 of the league in rebounds, blocks and steals, he averaged 11,0 points, 7,1 rebounds, 1,0 assists, 1,2 blocks and 1,2 steals on average in 28 minutes per game (17 ranking).


In his style, Regis stands out mainly for his defensive and finishing abilities, outstanding both in roll situations, where he constantly makes use of his ability to play over the rim, and at the bottom of the court, where he easily receives and finishes. In addition, he has improved his shooting range, showing a more than interesting shot in the mid distance that does not lower his percentages at all (57% Q2 in the current course), to which we must add some capacity to finish on the low post, where it is able to finish due to mobility and spinning ability. In transition, he makes use of his speed and athleticism to run the court and arrive before other inside guys, adding points “gifted” in dunks on a regular lay-ups. He can pass the ball from high post to another big as well as from low post to shooters and, in defense, he bases his strength on his mobility, athletics and very long arms that allow him to get anywhere. If we add to this his great jump, we find an excellent defender in one on one in any situation, with enormous capacity for the block and steal, to which we must add an enormous talent for rebounding in both hoops (11% RO and 22% RD). He is international with the Granada team and scores the free throws correctly (70%). After being the 4th best blocker among senior players of all 350 NCAA D1 universities, this course has lowered his figures due to the needs of his team, which tries to prevent Regis from getting fouls.


20-21GOLDEN EAGLE YLLIKOSOVO SUPER8,68,01,02352,8%0,0%38,5%1,21,4
19-20ESGUEIRALPB PORTUGAL11,07,11,02855,4%12,5%69,8%1,21,2
18-19NICHOLLS STATENCAA16,25,00,81756,1%20,0%65,6%0,41,6
17-18NICHOLLS STATENCAA12,62,70,21148,5%0,0%52,9%0,10,2
GRENADA NTFIBA AMERICUP11,08,70,52453,8%25,0%52,5%1,50,5
16-17GILLETE COLLEGEJUCO11,87,10,72260,0%14,3%65,9%0,71,3

ST= steals / BL= blocks (If you don’t see the full table, swipe sideways)



NCAA 18-19