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190 cm





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29-year-old, 1.90-meter-tall veteran shooting guard with vast experience in Spanish basketball after having finished his adventure in NCAA D2 with Northwest Missouri State in 2013. His debut in Spain came in the EBA league with Estela, with whom he played two seasons, beating the 20 points, 6 rebounds, 2 assists and 2 steals in the second of them. His extraordinary season led him to La Gallofa, also in the EBA league, and from there he went to La Roda, where he finally achieved promotion to LEB Plata with the La Mancha team. At La Roda, Hailey renewed, being a key player in the revelation team of LEB Plata, finishing in the second position in the regular league and playing in the Cup final against Granada. With averages of 11.9 points, 4.1 rebounds and 2.3 assists per game, Hailey finished as one of the best players in the league, which led him to try a level jump, although he did not arrive and ended up playing the 2018/19 season in a semi-professional league in the United States. This 2019/20 season he became part of our agency and he is playing his best season in Spain in Villarrobledo, averaging 15 points and almost 5 rebounds, 3 assists and 1,5 steals per game.



In his style, Hailey stands out mainly for his talent, maturity, decision-making and knowledge of the game, factors that lead him to be an atypical American, very adapted to team play and who stands out waiting for his moment and without forcing shots at any time. To this, among his most outstanding characteristics for scoring, he adds his capacity in one on one, which lead him to finish next to the rim with habituality in basket or foul (8FT every 40′ in the current season with 80%!). It is also capable of slowing down, both next to the rim and in the three-point line, where he launches and scores off driblle with excellent percentages. He assumes when he plays and also directs when he must, usually adding averages of more than 4 assists every 40 minutes on court, both in situations of P&R and moving the ball quickly to his teammates. Very fast and skilled with the ball, he is also a lethal player in transition, his other main source of points. In defense, he is intense, he shows good legs and he is fast in situations of P&R and one on one, to which he adds a good stealing capacity and, especially, for rebounding in its own rim (always in 15-17% RD).

19-20CB VILLARROBLEDOLEB SILVER SPAIN15,14,42,62846,4%33,8%80,2%1,30,1
17-18LA RODALEB SILVER SPAIN11,04,02,12243,7%35,2%71,4%1,10,1
16-17LA RODAEBA SPAIN14,56,02,83057,5%29,6%69,7%1,60,3
15-16CANTBASKETEBA SPAIN15,37,92,62939,7%31,7%64,7%2,00,1
14-15ESTELAEBA SPAIN20,66,82,13250,4%33,0%61,6%2,20,6
13-14ESTELAEBA SPAIN18,15,41,52738,6%33,3%75,9%2,30,2
12-13NORTHWEST MISSOURINCAA214,14,90,52439,5%35,5%72,4%0,90,1

ST= steals / BL= blocks (If you don’t see the full table, swipe sideways)