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A 2.01-meter American forward formed throughout his NCAA career at prestigious Ball State University, where he has finished as a captain and awarded for his excellent academic record. Born in October 1997, he is a young player with an increasingly “Rara Avis” profile, the high forward shooting shooter, with rebounding ability and defensive versatility to defend both outside and inside players. In his early days at Ball State, this defensive versatility led him to start his NCAA career more oriented to 4 by sharing the track with a player with similar characteristics than himself, showing a great performance in the 2017/18 season with averages of 10 points, 5 rebounds and almost 2 assists per game. The following year, after the departure of this player, Mallers began to develop more and more as a forward, standing out for his outside shot and defensive ability, something that he carried over to his last year, where he ended up winning with his team in the WAC Conference adding a total of 11 wins and 7 losses while Mallers again averaged 10 points per game, 4 rebounds and excellent percentages of 56% on shots from 2, 38% on triples and 86% from the free throw, a constant during his NCAA career and they make their level clear from the line.


In his style, Kyle Mallers stands out mainly as an excellent complement always adaptable to the needs of the team. With great tactical intelligence (basketball IQ), his main contribution in attack comes from outside, where this year he has added a 38% success rate from triple with 2 shots scored on average per game. In addition, his contributes in cuts, transitions and attacking the close-out, being able to add with the ball in situations of P&R, which he uses to generate spaces and finish off dribble or assist his teammates. Finds the open shooter well and, on defense, he is a warrior. He never misses a ball, is always on the lookout for loose balls, and is very intense in all one-on-one P&R situations. He can hold out on low post to players inside and against faster PGs and guards, he is smart to deny them their strengths. In short, Mallers is an involved, intense player with remarkable characteristics for modern basketball and that every coach wants to have on his teams.

20-21LUSITÁNIALPB PORTUGAL14,66,11,33344,3%43,4%80,0%1,00,3
19-20BALL STATENCAA9,54,10,72856,4%38,1%86,4%0,60,3
18-19BALL STATENCAA7,24,51,13054,4%30,0%85,4%0,80,5
17-18BALL STATENCAA9,54,81,32856,0%33,3%85,2%0,50,4
16-17BALL STATENCAA2,21,60,51121,1%34,6%75,0%0,20,2

ST= steals / BL= blocks (If you don’t see the full table, swipe sideways)