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203 cm





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PC/C Ghanaian very versatile and trained throughout his career at Saint Louis University (NCAA D1), where he finished his senior year in the 2016-17 season averaging almost 9 points and 7 rebounds on average in about 25 minutes per game , thus closing a remarkable university career in constant growth each season. That solid career led him to debut as a professional in one of the best teams in Denmark, Horsens IC, with which he won in the regular league and ended up falling in the Playoffs for the title against Bakken Bears. There, coinciding with inside references such as Kevin Larsen (Palencia Basket) or Vedran Borovcanin (still in Horsens), Agbeko played the role of first inside substitute, achieving averages of more than 8 points (58% Q2) and almost 5 rebounds in just 16 minutes per game. This good year opened options for him, although visa problems made him unable to finally sign during the summer, remaining without playing in the 2018/19 season. This season, he has played at LEB Plata with Albacete Basket, where one of the team’s important players is mediated the season.


In his style, Agbeko stands out mainly for his versatility, which allows him to occupy the positions of power forward and center on the court interchangeably, and for his scoring ability, which he mainly performs thanks to his good ability to play in situations of low post, as well as his shooting situations in the middle distance. Close to the basket, Agbeko uses his spins and feints to score against mobile opponents, as well as his first step and speed to do so against heavier and slower opponents. At shooting, his range is increasing, and with work, to his classic shot in the middle distance, he has recently added the ability to hit from the three point line, which makes the Ghanaian player even more versatile and effective in offensive situations. He is a good player in transition and open field and smart to score in situations off the ball. He is a solid rebounder, especially outstanding in the offensive rim (always with ratios above 10% in ORB, excellent for a player of his profile) and, in defense, he is a good defender both in low post situations, where he is able to hold to stronger opponents, such as face-to-face situations, where he is a good defender both in one-on-one and P&R situations.

20-21CB VILLARROBLEDOLEB SILVER SPAIN8,36,90,72461,8%13,3%54,4%0,50,1
19-20ALBACETE ARCOSLEB SILVER SPAIN5,63,60,31651,9%24,2%79,4%0,50,1
17-18HORSENS ICDENMARK8,14,60,91658,5%0,0%56,7%0,40,1
16-17ST LOUISNCAA18,66,80,82553,6%100%54,1%0,30,5
15-16ST LOUISNCAA16,46,20,32457,0%0,0%63,1%0,50,4
14-15ST LOUISNCAA13,73,50,11452,4%0,0%60,8%0,20,0
13-14ST LOUISNCAA11,61,40,1676,5%0,0%28,6%0,10,1

ST= steals / BL= blocks (If you don’t see the full table, swipe sideways)