4.Power Forward


203 cm





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Modern PF who played over three seasons at Westmont College (NAIA), where he ended up being an outsanding player on one of the competition’s top programms, something that shows how he finished one season as a finalist in the NAIA tournament and the other two falling in the qualifying rounds for the title in the Sweet Sixteen round. After his American path, McDonnell’s European debut took place in the EBA league, where with Cantaires Tortosa he had more than 17 points and almost 8 rebounds on average in the 2017-18 season. This good year led him to sign for the Ciudad de Ponferrada, with whom the American player increased his figures to 19 points, 8 rebounds and more than 23 ranking per game, achieving promotion and signing again in the Spanish team for the season 2019-20, in which McDonnell has been one of the surprises of the competition with averages of almost 17 points and 7 rebounds at the end the competition.



In his style, McDonnell stands out especially for his versatility, scoring ability in many different ways and physical capacity, which make him from his power forward position and 2.03 meters in an all-road player, very much in the mold of what that currently covers the figure of modern power forward. In this way, the American player stands out mainly in offence for his ability to play in transition, one by one dribbling to the hoop and taking advantage of his physical characteristics to take advantage from his defenders when there is an option. In addition, he dominates the offensive rebound (he has averaged almost 3.5 offensive rebounds every 40′ in LEB Silver) and the second options and has grown from the three point line, being today a main resource of his game as shown by his average figures per match: almost 2 threes per game with 39% success from distance. He can wide the field effectively and when he goes to the hoop he receives fouls and goes to the free throw line with ease (averages of 5 TL every 40 ‘and a 77% success rate). In defense, McDonnell is solid in rebounding and stands out mainly for his mobility and athletic ability, allowing him to be able to defend practically all positions on the floor, overcoming defensive changes against faster opponents on the outside or taller and stronger inside guys in low post situations. A versatile player, in growth and with great margin of progression in the coming years. He is working on an Italian passport, scheduled for 2021.

19-20 CDP PONFERRADA LEB SILVER SPAIN 16,8 7,1 1,7 34 49,1% 38,9% 76,4% 1,5 0,5
18-19 CDP PONFERRADA EBA SPAIN 19,0 7,5 1,8 31 57,6% 34,4% 67,8% 0,9 0,6
17-18 CANTAIRES TORTOSA EBA SPAIN 17,2 7,6 0,7 33 60,2% 27,5% 65,6% 0,9 0,1
16-17 WESTMONT NAIA 12,5 7,8 2,1 25 59,6% 20,0% 56,4% 0,5 0,2
15-16 WESTMONT NAIA 14,8 7,1 1,3 25 62,1% 0,0% 64,1% 0,6 0,1
14-15 WESTMONT NAIA 2,2 2,0 0,3 7 42,9% 0,0% 61,4% 0,1 0,0

ST= steals / BL= blocks (If you don’t see the full table, swipe sideways)