Thatch UNRUH




2.Shooting Guard


196 cm





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Versatile 1.96-meter-high guard capable of adapting to the three outside positions thanks to his size, speed and ball handling that has played his entire NCAA career at the University of Central Arkansas, where he coincided with a well-known player in the LEB Gold Spanish as Mathieu Kamba. At the American University, Unruh had a growing role over the years, starting as a rotation and ending as a starter and benchmark player in his last two courses in Central Arkansas. The team’s greatest successes came in his junior season participating in the CBI postseason tournament, Unruh achieving his explosion in his last season in the team, averaging 13 points, 3.7 rebounds and 2.1 assists per game with 37% success from three. He has spent his first season out and has now joined our agency to debut as a professional player. He is the brother of former player Tate Unruh.


In his style, Unruh stands out as a complete outside player, very good in situations of the game with the ball and outstanding attacking with dribble to the hoop, both in transition and in one-on-one situations. Likewise, his shooting capacity has improved year by year from three, adding in his senior season a hit of 37% from the line with more than 2 threes scored on average per game, to which adds a great ability to hit in the free throw (80% FT), where he goes regularly as shown by the figures of his last year (4FT every 40′). He is a good passer both to the open shooter and in situations of P&R and defense is intense and energetic. Make little turnovers. In his blank year he has continued training, gaining strength and ability to hit threes, something that can be seen in recent videos on demand.

18-19CENTRAL ARKANSASNCAA13,03,72,13253,8%36,9%80,2%0,90,0
17-18CENTRAL ARKANSASNCAA8,73,52,42456,8%31,8%78,1%0,90,1
16-17CENTRAL ARKANSASNCAA5,11,90,81554,5%31,8%80,0%0,30,1
14-15CENTRAL ARKANSASNCAA6,32,31,32139,6%32,6%80,0%0,60,2

ST= steals / BL= blocks (If you don’t see the full table, swipe sideways)