2.Shooting Guard


190 cm





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Canadian guard of 1.91 meters noted for his scoring ability, which comes mainly thanks to his outstanding success from three (43% on average in his last three NCAA seasons), where he has averaged more than 4.5 triples on average every 40′ in tremendous track and scoring streaks throughout his NCAA career. Despite this, he is more than that, being able to be considered a total scorer thanks to his ability to score in transition or off dribble. The entirety of his NCAA career has been in Coastal Carolina after spending a course at Junior College in Odessa, and there, he has had a growing role each year, exploding in his last two seasons with averages of 10 points and 2 rebounds in 20 minutes in the 2018-19 season and more than 11 points, 3 rebounds and 1 assist in 21 minutes in his senior year. Specifically, he has exceeded 20 points on average every 40 minutes in these two seasons, surpassing twenty points in nine games during those dates (six games in this last year, with a maximum cap of 33).


In his style, Gumbs-Frater stands out primarily as a total scorer, a microwave of enormous offensive talent capable of compulsive scoring on tremendous scoring streaks. Among his capabilities, he stands out above all for his external shot, where he stands out especially his success in indirect screens situations, although his extraordinary ability to score off driblle makes him a different and special profile. Thus, when he does not leave screens with space to shoot, he does not hesitate to attack with the driblle to the hoop, slowing down and adding with high % success from the middle distance. Likewise, he is an excellent player attacking the closeout and that ends in extraordinary percentages in the vicinity of the ring, being definitely a global scorer. Defense, he is fast with his hands and steals 1.4 balls every 40’, an excellent complement to the game to his specialist scoring profile. He is active and intense, being a very interesting complete scorer profile at any level. He has good vision, and is an excellent transition player both on the ball and running the wings. Very fast, both in defensive lateral displacements and with the ball. Slippery coming out of screens.

19-20COASTAL CAROLINANCAA10,72,10,82141,9%39,0%76,7%0,70,1
18-19COASTAL CAROLINANCAA10,11,80,52044,6%43,9%73,2%0,70,1
17-18COASTAL CAROLINANCAA5,01,80,61230,0%47,4%71,4%0,20,2
16-17ODESSA COLLEGEJUCO3,51,20,7550,0%32,4%75,0%0,40,0

ST= steals / BL= blocks (If you don’t see the full table, swipe sideways)